Sierra Gateway Cottages
13512, 13514, 13516 Sierra Way, 325 and 320 James Road
Kernville, California, 93238, United States

Our Cabins

The cottages offer spacious grounds that are non connected from one another. Privacy is offered h ere on this once estate property, as we sit up on a hill overlooking the Kernville area. Within walking distance to many popular restaurants the cottages have become a popular place to revisit year after year for family reunions and group gatherings.

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Sierra Cottage

The Sierra is a two bedroom one bath cottage with full kitchen has front and back patios and a propane grill. Total of two queen beds and one single roll away bed. An end cottage makes it a private choice. This cottage is pet friendly.

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Sequoia Cottage a 2 bedroom one bath cottage DSC03386 140428_Jon_Paul_Cottages_0238 140428_Jon_Paul_Cottages_0256 140428_Jon_Paul_Cottages_0246 140428_Jon_Paul_Cottages_0268 140428_Jon_Paul_Cottages_0277 140428_Jon_Paul_Cottages_0285 140428_Jon_Paul_Cottages_0309

Sequoia Cottage

The Sequoia Tree House named for the Giant Sequoia trees is a lovely two bedroom cottage. It has two bedrooms and one bath. Living and dinning areas as well as private patios front and back make it a popular choice for families and friends alike to enjoy.

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Kern Riverbend

The Kern Riverbend a charming one bedroom cottage that boasts a view of the river to the north is a popular choice Two large picture windows in a drop down sunroom is where there is also a trundle bed (2 single beds) for children or guest. Full kitchen dinning and living areas and a patio with grill.

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Isabella Lake House

The Isabella Lake House our largest rental property has two bedrooms and one master bath. A lovely wrap around deck and private patio area with grill makes a beautiful setting for family gatherings, parties and reunions.

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Kern Bunkhouse

A western style 2 room cabin, spacious kitchen and living areas, 1 1/2 baths, one queen bed, one full-size bed and two singles.

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