Sierra Gateway Cottages
13512, 13514, 13516 Sierra Way, 325 and 320 James Road
Kernville, California, 93238, United States

Cancellation Policy

2015 Cancellation Policy
Ten days prior to your reserved date your credit card will be charged for your cottage rental.
If for any reason you are unable to make your planned trip to the cottages, management will make a reasonable effort to re book your rental cottage. If management is successful at re booking your cottage rental then a charge of $75.00 is now a cancellation fee and is non-refundable. If more than one cottage has been reserved then this fee applies "per cottage"
The remaining balance will be refunded only if the cottage is successfully re booked for your dates reserved.
If in the event management is not able to re book your cottage for the reserved time you are still responsible for the full amount of the booking.
Typically management is able to re-book if given plenty of time to do so.
Last minute (24 hours or less) is always subject to the full amount.
Sierra Gateway Cottages does not cancel booking reservations due to weather conditions. We have no control over the weather. All reservation commitments must be honored regardless the weather. However we do reserve the right to make changes due to any circumstances beyond our control.
Sierra Gateway Cottages must enforce a strict cancellation policy considering that we incur substantial expense just in daily operations.
Your reserved stay will not be considered confirmed until you have responded via email stating that you agree to these terms. A copy of the agreement will be kept with your booking transaction to show that you have agreed to the above terms.